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Systems & Equipment Maintenance Co.
An ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 Certified Co.
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Drop Forged Components
Container Lasing Parts, Auto Parts Forgings, Diesel Engine Parts, Connecting Rods, Cam Shafts, Gears, Kicks, Eyebolts, Clutch Forks, , Stub Axle, Forks, Anchors, Links, Yokes, Tractor Parts,  Lift Arms, Combine Parts & other Light & Heavy Engineering Goods for use in small and heavy industries like cement, defense, marine, sugar, mining, automobile etc.

Recognized for our ability to supply an extensive range of world-class metal components, Semco-India offers you engineering extensive solutions to customers product design requirements. Providing a line of high-performance products that leverage current in-depth knowledge on the best available materials, techniques and delivery systems resources. We specialize in alloy forging, steel forging, forging aluminum, forging stainless, forging brass, and custom forging of other forging materials as well as castings in various grades.



Range of  Products

Forging Parts
Casting Parts
Machined Parts
Sheet Metal Parts 
Fabricated Parts
Flash Butt Welded Parts
Container Lashings
Miscellaneous Parts
An ISO 9002 certified companySystems & Equipment Maintenance Co.
# 38, Functional Industrial Estate, Patparganj,
Delhi - 110092. (INDIA) Tel:+91-11 22152200,22153300
Fax: +91-11-22156600, 42141452

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